7 Apr

Choked on my coffee!


Zen and the Art of Freediving

6 Apr

This….this is what we are doing today, here, in Florida, in Alexander Springs. Watch out Papa Alligator!

Secret Shade

As part of enacting my life philosophy of trying as much as possible, engaging in exploration, and pushing the limits of what I’m comfortable with, towards the end of 2012 I spent two idyllic months on the tropical island of Gili Trawangan in Indonesia. ‘Hang on’, you might be thinking… Admittedly this in itself does not sound particularly challenging, especially when you consider I know several people who think the Gili Islands are hands down the best place on the planet, but in fact I was there was to explore the fascinating world of freediving.

Now I defy any non-freediver to watch a You Tube video of William Trubridge elegantly descending to 101 metres below the surface of the sea on a single breath, and not be left with a gaping wide mouth and the thought ‘how the frick is that even possible?!’. After I saw this I just knew…

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Intelligent Mammals

9 Mar

I am always awed and amazed by their ability to sense distress and fear in humans, and by the way they respond to it.

Trident Hunter

Species-Intelligent Mammals

Not only are dolphins categorized as one of the most playful species of mammals amongst all aquatic life, they are also one of the most intelligent. They are one of the species whose intelligence is very near to that of human beings.


When observed from a close look, dolphins displayed many similarities to human beings. First is the art of communication. Using natural sonar systems, dolphins communicate with each other in a series of clicking noises and whistling sounds. Dolphin echolocation clicks are amongst the loudest sounds made by marine animals. In fact they are one of the only few species that do not use just their teeth to corner their prey before devouring it. For this purpose too, they very tactfully use their sonar sounds to stun their prey before they enjoy their meal.


Dolphins also display a lot of aggression over disputes that are surprisingly very similar…

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7 Mar

In Florida…I am embarrassed to admit that I “had no idea”.

Say No to Creationist Vouchers

John M. McKay Scholarship for Students with Disabilities Program — 164 Schools

  • Cassels Christian Academy, in Starke, uses Abeka.
  • Hope Christian Academy, in Starke, uses Abeka.
  • Starke Christian School, in Starke, uses ABeka.
  • Brevard Christian School, in West Melbourne, uses ACE.

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17 Feb

iDentex Blog

His name is William Trubridge. Trubridge is 31 years old and he was born in the UK but raised in New Zealand, where he spent most of his early years on a sailboat. Today, he spends most of his time in the Bahamas where he trains and teaches at the Dean’s Blue Hole, the deepest sea water blue hole in the world situated in …  

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